My Kinda Team

With respects to The Sandlot, Bull Durham, and one of the most underrated baseball movies, Little Big League, Major League is my favorite baseball movie of all time. Some of this is because I am a fan of the Cleveland Indians. But that doesn’t have as much to do with it. With that said, I designed some minimalist posters based on some of the characters, quotes, and sayings. Here are some of my favorite. Enjoy!

Minimalist Baseball_Taylor

Is That You Tolbert? (Jake Taylor, C): When building a championship team, you need a veteran presence. This is where Jake Taylor comes in. While in the Mexican Leagues, Taylor gets a call from not New York Yankees General Manager, Charlie Donovan, and he thinks this is all an elaborate hoax.

Minimalist Baseball_DonovanExecutive of the Year (Charlie Donovan, General Manager): Despite Jake Taylor’s skepticism, Charlie Donovan puts together the right mix of crafty veterans and young talent, complete with a fearless leader at the helm. He was the Billy Beane before Billy Beane, and no doubt was the Executive of the Year for 1989.

Minimalist Baseball_BrownForget About the Curveball (Lou Brown, Manager): The fearless leader of the resurgent Tribe was the one and only Lou Brown. Aside from his vast knowledge of whitewall tires, Brown knows the perfect time to make a pitching change and has a knack for calling pitches.

Minimalist Baseball_VaugnNot Much of a Dresser (Ricky Vaughn, RHP): One of the up and coming stars of the Indians is fireballer Ricky Vaughn. Ricky’s experience in the California Penal League set him up for success at the major league level, but they did not provide adequate fashion tips. They wear caps and sleeves at this level.

Minimalist Baseball_ChickenSacrifice (Pepper Leach, Bench Coach): Slugger Pedro Cerrano was looking for some extra power before the Division Championship Game against the Yankees and wanted to sacrifice a live chicken. Count on Pepper to come through in providing the chicken.

Minimalist Baseball_StinkYou Guys Stink (Rachael Phelps, Owner): This became the rallying cry for the Tribe’s late season push for the pennant. Skipper Lou Brown came up with a unique motivation tactic for the players that kept them all loose down the stretch.

Minimalist Baseball_Red TagGo See Skip (Roger Dorn, 3B): Spring Training is a great time for players to pull pranks on each other. Roger Dorn had some fun with the rookie Ricky Vaughn on the final cut day. It was a prank that may have gone a little too far.

This was a fun project to work on and is hopefully the first of many movie poster editions I plan to do.

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